Wedding Planning

For a parent, seeing their child happily married is an occasion of joy. Whether it is the happiness of seeing your son bring home a bride, or the bittersweet joy of seeing your daughter start a new life with her husband. But giving your children the wedding of their dreams requires a lot of careful financial planning. We are here to help you make that job easier.

Choosing the right investment options for Children’s Marriage Planning is dependent upon the current age of the child. When the child is quite young, one can build wealth by investing in high growth investment products over longer term. For grown up children, it is advisable to invest in safer and short duration investment products.

Some part of investible money should be allocated to Gold/Gold Funds to meet the Gold/ Jewelry needs at the time of marriage.

Why not make sure that this precious time is spent in happiness and celebration rather than in wondering how to foot the bills?

Following these steps will ensure you enjoy your child’s wedding day–without financial stress:

  • Current Cost and Time Horizon
  • Calculate the Future Cost of the Marriage taking into account inflation
  • Make an Plan: Roadmap for achieving the goal
  • Implement the Plan
  • Review the Plan regularly

Wedding Planning Calculator