Investment Planning for Women

It’s time that women should take charge of their money matters. And the focus should move on from savings to investments.

Why is it important?

  • Women have higher longevity of life as compared to men
  • Working years of women get reduced due to bringing up of children, making sacrifices for the family and sometimes, own career not being a priority.
  • Sometimes, lower pay-scale as compared to men

Personal financial planning as for every individual is one of the significant things in every woman’s life too. It can be regarded as the most important as it can be a key to our and our dear ones’ future. Thus it should not be taken at ease. Rather, it should be well planned and include one’s short term and long term goals. There are two pillars of Financial Planning: Investment Planning and Insurance.

Investment Planning:
One of the crucial aspect for financial security is investment planning.
This includes saving for your child’s future and retirement planning, creating Emergency Fund.
What should be the difference in Investment Strategy for Women.

  • Investment portfolio created should be high on quality , liquidity and provide relatively steady and stable returns
  • The risks should be measured and selective
  • Care should be taken to provide for higher life longevity.
  • The Investment Products and strategies should be simple.
  • Women should try to save a little more, which make a huge difference in the long run.

Health Insurance & Life Insurance:
A working woman goes through various pressures at home and at workplace. There is a huge change in lifestyle resulting in health related issues. Women need adequate health and life insurance.

Financial Independence:
Investments have a very important role to play when it comes to financial independence of women. It is essential to save and invest the money in a proper manner.
Women who are homemakers should also take to investing. They can save from the monthly expenses to run the house. Women need to ensure that they have an investment plan in place to secure themselves against inflation and have enough money at all stages of their life.

But how would women plan and start their investments and have the desired returns on their investments?
And just what are these investment avenues that we are talking about here?
At Hexagon Wealth Advisors, our team will answers all these questions and in the process, empowering today's woman with the necessary advice and guidance to secure her financial future. So all the women should pay attention to some very simple and easy steps to ensure their finances and a safe future.