Why Choose SIP over other Investment Plans?

Stock Markets have historically given better returns than other investments avenues and Systematic Investments in Mutual funds allows you to enjoy good returns. You have the flexibility to invest in different options. Even with small amounts, you can enjoy decent accumulation. Still there exist various other options that are beneficial like equities, PF, insurance policies etc. the question arises Why Invest in SIP?

Top Reasons to Invest in SIP:

  • No Research Required:

This field of investment is very well managed by experts. You need not devote the time or track the market regularly. The experts manage it well by carrying out extensive market research relative to economy, companies and industry, and create portfolio of a Mutual Fund Scheme.

  • Easy Diversification:

You can invest in different mutual fund schemes and need not put all your savings in one basket. Not much amount is required to start dividing your investments. Diversification involves the least risk or the possibility of loss through a company or a fund is considerably reduced. To seek advice, you can approach SIP Consultancy in Delhi.


Mutual fund industry is completely transparent and is well regulated by SEBI and AMFI. There are several rules and regulations in the industry that are favourable to investors. This option of investment offers safety to investors due to being well regulated.

  • No Timing Restrictions:

With your investments in the Mutual funds market through SIP, you don’t have to think about the level of markets and you keep investing irrespective of market being low or high capturing it’s volatility to your advantage.

  • No effect on Budget:

SIP can be as low as Rs. 500, it is not like a single time investment where you have to pay a bulk amount the way you buy shares from the market. It will have no effect on your monthly expenses. You can earn, invest and run your life smoothly. You will not even know if such a small amount is deducted from your monthly earnings.


Investment in SIP has all the favours if looked upon from investors point of view. You need not think much before you start your investment. The basic reasons to consider SIP in Mutual funds as your investment option are very well detailed in the blog.

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