Mutual Funds Investment Guide: A Must Read For Novices

Mutual Funds have a central stage in the financial arena. They are an efficient means of growing savings with minimal complications unlike earlier methods of investing in stocks. Looking for your ideal investment propeller? Then mutual funds will serve you right! Continue reading for mutual funds investment guide:

Guide to a profitable funding experience

  • Getting started: The applicant must have a bank account along with being a KYC compliant. If you haven’t registered for your KYC, then you must apply for it with a registrar. Further, you must have a PAN card along with an Aadhaar card.
  • Select the funds: This stage is very crucial as a lot of clients are taken aback with the large number of schemes that are provided. While choosing between debt mutual funds and equity funds, you must remain extra cautious as Equity is subject to Market Risk in the short Term and should be considered for only very long term investments.
  • Decide your mode of investment: Here, you mainly have two options — SIP or lump sum investment. Given to the plethora of benefits attached to the SIP, it is advisable to go with this method. Get detailed information with SIP Consultancy in Delhi.
  • Looking after the investments: Always keep a track of your investments with the help of online methods of getting updates. Don’t get influenced with outward fluctuations going on in the market.
  • Monitoring right time for selling: Consider various factors before selling your funds like their extent of performance or an immediate need for money in other financial prospects.
  • Link your investments to your Goals: Debt Mutual Funds are ideal for short term goals whereas SIP in Equity funds is a good strategy for long term financial goals like Children Education, Retirement Corpus and Wealth Creation.

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