Hexagon Wealth Advisors Enlightens People About Options And Prospects Of Investment By Investor Awareness Programs

Realizing the need of enlightening people about various investments options present today and how to make profits from them, an Investor Awareness Program was organized by the Company on 26th May 2018 at Arya Samaj Mandir, Jangpura Extn. New Delhi.

Hexagon Wealth Advisors, an eminent organization, expert in the field of investment solutions. They are pioneers in investment management and are on the mission of providing best financial advice to investors of all kinds, novices who are completely new in the field and require guidance at each step and professionals who have a strategy but need affirmation for confidence and marching forward. The company has a glorious history of progress since its inception and has always provided honest guidance to the people who are in spirit to make more and more money via investments.

The speaker, Mr. Nikunj Sharma, Trainer and Investment Coach and Co- founder of Moneyogi Corporation shed light on various topics for the benefit of the audience which consisted of people with different investment goals. The topics included vast range of necessary information every investor should be abreast with like, various asset classes and their returns potential with underlying risk, creation of inter-generational wealth, ideal allocation of assets, attractiveness of equities for long term investment and SIP. The program was very helpful for the potential investors and helped them make up their minds.


Overall, the program was very informative and was a great opportunity for new investors to learn and professional to check their plans. The speaker, Mr. Nikunj Sharma covered various topics and each of his words was like a holy book to the potential investors. The organization is famous for such guidance programs and is doing justice with its fame.

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