An Event on Investor Awareness Program – “Investment Strategy In Current Market Scenario” by Hexagon Wealth Advisors

The money flow in the Indian economy is directed towards the development and growth of the same. The growth of an economy is one way led by the rate of investments by its citizens which would consequently lead to the development of capital formation and at last employment generation for the incomes of its citizens to be increased. This vicious circle of the money flow in an economy is somewhere circulated by the households who carry most of the capital in the form of savings which they demand to be invested only when received with good return.

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Understanding these market trends and flows the company ‘Hexagon Wealth Advisors’ are conducting an event to make people more aware of Investments and various alternative strategies for investing their money in the best possible areas or markets where good returns are always speculated and received. The event on Investor Awareness Program is going to be conducted on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at Jangpura Extension, New Delhi, where guests would be honored to welcome our Guest speaker, Mr. Manesh Thakur who would take us into the world of investments and efficient returns for the same.

Here the Advisors assure that the stage would be the focus of every guest for making every mind clear for every doubt regarding the money kept or queries regarding any returns. The aim of organizing this event is to enhance public awareness about the mutual funds and their functioning; we will even elaborate on the strategies which can be worked out by the investors for maximum earnings.

The discussion will focus around mutual funds, asset allocation, equity and debt funds and long term wealth creation to lump sum investment and sip.

This is how the market flow of shares works as per the demand and supply of the shares in the stock exchange market. The investors can take part in this cycle of ups and downs through various mediums of shares like mutual bonds, equity shares, preferences shares, SIPs and many more.

Guest speaker

The event will be dignified by the presence of the chief guest and the speaker, Mr. Manesh Thakur, who is national sales head at axis mutual fund.

Program schedule


Sat, August 25, 2018

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM IST


Arya Samaj Mandir

Link Road, Jangpura Extension

Near Defence Colony Flyover and Jungpura Metro Station, New Delhi 110014

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About the Company

Hexagon Wealth Advisors is known in the investment market as a company that not only offers a variety of investment options but also try to ensure that suitable funds are suggested for investment through their seasoned guidance. Many people are skeptical about parking their hard-earned money in financial products about which not much is known, and here, Hexagon Wealth Advisors plays a vital role by spreading awareness about the investment of their savings in Mutual Funds. A team of highly experienced and expert advisors guides people to invest money as per their short term or long term investment goals.

The services provided by the company include Tax Saving Plan, Investment for beginners, Financial aspect of Retirement planning, Child education planning, Wedding planning and also products like Fixed deposits, Life insurance, Health insurance, Mutual funds, along with many other options.

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